Main Centre

The residential centre is a versatile and practical building offering dormitory accommodation for up to 32 people in two six and two eight bedded rooms and two two-bedded rooms. The building has a large fully equipped kitchen and a dining room which will seat up to thirty people. There is a separate hall which is suitable for activities, meetings and training courses. There are also ladies, gents and disabled facilities including showers and a laundry room in the centre. The building is heated throughout.


Also available for hire, this small twelve bed accommodation facility is situated close to the car park. It consists of two porta-cabins sited next to each other. One of the cabins consists sleeping accommodation in three bunked rooms; one for six, one for four and one for two people. The second cabin is brand new, donated to us by a local company. In it there is a high spec, fully equipped kitchen and dining/meeting area. Outside there is a private seating and barbeque area. Toilet and shower facilities are in the main toilet block close by.


Nestled in Buckholt Wood on the north part of the site, there are three large fields easily able to cope with groups of thirty to seventy campers. These can be booked separately or together for larger groups or events. Each site is equipped with a cooking shelter and altar fire. A further site consists of four terraced spaces on the hillside which are suitable for smaller tents and are ideal for smaller expedition groups. There are a number of water taps situated close to the sites and the recently refurbished main toilet and shower block is close by. The campfire circle, chapel and a washing up shelter are also situated on this part of the site.

In Daniels Grove there is space for up to two more groups of about forty people. Here, set in grassy clearings close to the banks of the stream, there is a real feeling of being somewhere remote, while still having the convenience of running water and a small toilet and shower block close at hand. These sites are popular with smaller groups and those who want their participants to work in small teams. The area is also ideal for practicing survival skills, including shelter building.

Camping equipment can be hired on site. Please look at our page on equipped sites for further information.